A valid Heart & Stroke BLS completion card is a required prerequisite for the ACLS, PALS and PEARS courses.

There will be a BLS recertification prior of the course.

No, 12 lead interpretation is beyond the scope of the ACLS/PALS provider. You will be given the opportunity to practice and demonstrate proficiency in rhythm recognition as it applies to the algorithms.

No. Endotracheal intubation is an advanced skill that should only be performed by an experienced provider. Providers experienced in endotracheal intubation attend advanced airway courses and regularly utilize this skill within their practice. The emphasis of the airway stations in ACLS/PALS is on proficiency in basic airway maneuvers and a review of the advanced airways.

No. Successful completion of the course(s) does not grant the permission to practice the skills learned. You must work within your scope of practice and may require additional sign off with your institute of practice.

The Provider course is designed for those who have not taken ACLS/PALS before, those who are interested in working in areas which resuscitation is expected and those who may have previously taken a Provider course but have had limited exposure since their last Provider course.

The Provider course is at your own pace online learning and 1 day in class.

The Renewal course is designed for those who have previously taken an ACLS/PALS Provider course and are approaching 2 years from their course completion date. Those who have previously taken a Provider course but have had limited exposure can still participate in a Renewal course.

The Renewal course is 1 day in class.

Access to the website portal can be found in the ACLS/PALS/PEARS Provider Manuals or by going to the Training Resources Tab on the Heart & Stroke Resuscitation Portal at cpr.heartandstroke.ca. Please note that a login is required.

If you have any physical condition that might prevent you from engaging in course activities, please tell the instructor. The instructor may be able to adjust the equipment if you have back, knee, or hip problems. 

No. Equipment manufacturers may vary amongst different institutions. You will be oriented to the equipment used within the course(s) and provided adequate time to familiarize yourself with its use. It is important to know what equipment your institution utilizes.

No. The PEARS Provider Course is designed for healthcare professionals that do not see sick or injured children on a frequent basis. To ensure that healthcare professionals can demonstrate proficiency, a PEARS Provider Course must be completed every 2 years.